8 Tips For Juicing At Home

Whatever juicer recipes you will choose, there are certain tips and tricks that will help you in achieving that healthy drink full of goodness and rich in flavor, here are some of them:

Always leave your juicers within the eye-viewing range: on countertops, kitchen counters, etc. Make sure that it is very visible and you can’t miss it by any chance. This serves as a constant reminder for you to keep on juicing.

Wash the vegetables or fruits that you’ll be juicing but don’t let them soak in the water for too long. Otherwise, the nutrients might leak out into the water.

Most nutrients are found in the layer right under the peel. If you want to peel, make sure that you are only taking out a thin layer to keep the anti-oxidants, nutrients, and minerals intact.

You should drink the juices right after juicing. Don’t leave them out and come back later. Chances are, they’ll lose parts of their nutrients especially when they get exposed to air causing oxidization. After all, they aren’t called fresh juices for anything.

Vegetable juices have strong tastes that only a few can take. This is mostly why people go along with fruit juice diets instead. If you decide to juice vegetables, moderate its blandness or strong taste by adding in water.

If you have other medications to take, always consult your doctors before juicing. Also, never take your medicines with your juices. There are some fruits and vegetables that can weaken the body’s ability to absorb the medicine. If you must, take your meds a few hours after you’ve drunk the juice.

Always wash your juice extractors. It is best to wash them right after using them to avoid the pulps from sticking.

Don’t stop at the traditional juicer recipes out there. Play with other fruits and vegetables and conjure up one of your own concoctions. Put that power juicer to work and discover one unique juicer recipe for yourself.


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