Top 4 Celery Juice Benefits

Today, the consumption of celery juice is becoming popular. If you try to take care of your diet, celery is probably a food that you continuously consume, especially as a base for many juice types.

What you may not know yet is that it has so many properties that by itself it brings many benefits to our health, especially if you consume it in juice. Below is a recipe to make celery juice.

Celery juice recipe:

One of the benefits of celery is that it is purifying. You can make juice with celery, carrot, and apple. It is very easy to make this recipe.

Start with separating the celery leaves from the stalk. Cut the celery into pieces. You will use the stalk, but you can also save the leaves to make a broth, for example.

Then we wash and peel the carrot and the apple. Cut them into small pieces then crush them together. Finally, we serve it in a glass.


1. Improves liver and kidney health

Celery Juice Improves liver and kidney health

The celery juice benefits are noticed faster in the kidney and liver, due to its detox properties. This vegetable helps restore the adrenal glands, which are involved in regulating blood pressure and several vital functions in the body. It also helps the liver detoxify, in addition to promoting the elimination of kidney and gallstones.

2. Improved digestive health

Celery Juice Improved digestive health

Celery is an excellent source of fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit. Its diuretic properties are the reason why, in many cases, it is one of the main ingredients in juices to lose weight.

However, celery juice can also help reduce or relieve discomfort from problems such as reflux, heartburn, and gastritis.

This is due, to a greater extent, to the fact that this food helps us regulate bacterial overgrowth in the intestine, in addition to facilitating the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

3. Helps fight diseases

Celery Juice Helps fight diseases

One of the lesser-known benefits of celery is its ability to fight some diseases. Its properties help our body to eliminate different pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. It also prevents some cardiovascular diseases, as it has vasodilatory properties.

Also, although there are still many myths about the alkaline diet, one of the benefits of celery juice is that it helps to alkalize the blood, eliminating uric acid and other toxic substances.

4. Hormonal balance

Celery Juice and Hormonal balance

Because it contains vitamin C and folic acid, celery juice can be a great ally to regulate the hormonal cycle. 

Due to this, it is recommended to consume it to alleviate some symptoms of menopause; however, it is also useful to combat some hormonal disorders. In addition to regularizing menstruation, it strengthens the body during this period.

In conclusion

One of the direct repercussions of celery juice is that it improves a person’s mental clarity. It also helps us to have more energy and better performance in our daily lives.

Therefore, it is recommended to start the day by consuming celery juice, to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best during the day.


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