Top 6 Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit aka strawberry pear or pitahaya is a tropical fruit famous for its lively red skin as well as sweet, seed-flecked pulp. Dragon fruit’s unique appearance coupled with its renowned superfood powers made it highly popular among foodies and health-conscious individuals.

Thankfully, you don’t have to reside in tropical places to enjoy the amazing benefits of dragon fruit as you can easily find them in various supermarkets worldwide.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

1. Contains Low Cholesterol

Dragon Fruit Contains Low Cholesterol

Dragon fruit contains low cholesterol along with soaked and trans fats. Frequent dragon fruit consumption is not only exhilarating but also help you maintain a healthy heart rate in the long run.

People who are currently in the middle of a weight loss program can look to add dragon fruit in their diet for even better results. Additionally, its seeds are filled with Omega 3 fatty acids essential for your overall well-being.

2. Rich in Fiber

Dragon Fruit with Rich in Fiber

According to several studies conducted worldwide, consuming fiber-rich foods can significantly reduce the risks of both cardiovascular and coronary heart condition.

Dragon fruit contains a good amount of eatable fiber which is not only good for your heart but also helps you in maintaining healthy blood pressure and body weight.

3. High in Potassium

Dragon Fruit with High in Potassium

Dragon fruit is filled with essential minerals especially potassium as well as calcium which helps in maintaining our bone structure. Frequent potassium consumption is extremely crucial for our body’s cellular, nervous, electrical functioning.

Potassium plays a primary role in maintaining our body’s water levels as well as balancing pH or acid levels. If you are suffering from diabetes, adding potassium in your diet may help you prevent heart or kidney-related diseases in the future.

4. Good Source of Vitamin C

Good Source of Vitamin C with Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit also contains Vitamin C, which helps in strengthening our body’s immunity, aiding the digestion of iron by our body. It creates collagen in your body responsible for making our teeth stronger and healthier while promoting a lively and glowing skin.

Vitamin C also boosts your immunity and protects you from getting sick in the future.

5. Rich in Antioxidants

Rich in Antioxidants with Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit appears as vibrant and colorful because they contain phytonutrients that provide you a much-required dose of antioxidants for your body.

Antioxidants help you in fighting free radicals that can severely damage your body’s cells and may lead to cancer. An antioxidant-rich diet is known to keep your heart rates healthy and also keep your skin young.

6. Skin Care Remedies

Skin Care Remedies with Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is also frequently used as a natural beauty remedy thanks to its rich antioxidant content and vitamins.

Age-old beauty practices in the major Southeast Asian nations believe that creating a paste of dragon fruit’s flesh and applying the paste regularly on the face can significantly slow down the aging process making you appear younger. The paste is also beneficial in treating sunburn and acne.


Even though dragon fruit is an exotic food, it has several health benefits that can’t be ignored. It contains low cholesterol, rich in various minerals and nutrients essential for our body’s proper functioning, and also used as natural beauty remedies to make you appear younger. Regardless of whether you are on a diet or not, add dragon fruit to your daily diet and you will witness some of its amazing benefits soon.


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