What are the Benefits of Pumpkin Seed

Have you ever imagined that the pumpkin seeds that you usually discard could have health benefits for your body? Pumpkins are native to North America; It was highly valued in ancient times due to its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Roasted pumpkin seeds have a mild, sweet flavor – similar to walnut – with a chewy texture. They are also very nutritious seeds. Have you ever asked yourself what are the benefits of pumpkin seed? Below are some of the health benefits of incorporating the pumpkin seeds into your diet.


1. Help to lose weight

Pumpkin Seeds Help to lose weight

For dieters, this is a natural way to achieve the ideal weight. The fibers found in the seeds help the bowel to function well. It consequently helps decrease body fat. But it would be best if you did not forget to align the use of the seeds with a good diet and physical exercise.

2. Antioxidants

Antioxidants with pumpkin seeds

Because they are rich sources of vitamin E, they are capable of giving antioxidant effects. It is important to know this because this benefit is not often found in different types of food. Therefore, adhering to the use of pumpkin seeds can be very useful in the detoxification process.

3. Immune system

boost immunity with pumpkin seeds

The zinc present in pumpkin seeds helps to boost immunity, which is very important for the body’s defense system. It also contributes to the formation of muscle mass: because it is a good source of proteins.

4. Prostate

prostate health with pumpkin seeds

For men, the oil extracted from the seeds can be ingested to contribute to prostate health. Many suffer from the constant increase of this organ; this phenomenon is called hyperplasia and affects many men. This is one of the major causes of prostate cancer.

5. Good humor and well-being

Good humor and well-being with pumpkin seeds

Everyone likes to wake up in a good mood, ready to fulfill all daily chores. So, for anyone who wants to maintain this mood, pumpkin seeds are very suitable. This is because the pumpkin seeds act strongly against depression and also have the chemicals necessary for mental health.

How to eat pumpkin seeds

salad or soup with dried pumpkin seeds

Dried seeds: Properly dried pumpkin seeds can be used whole in salad or soup, for example, or as an appetizer, when a little salt and powdered ginger are sprinkled.

However, you should not add too much salt, especially if you suffer from hypertension. Consuming about 10 to 15 grams of pumpkin seeds every day for one week is good for eliminating intestinal worms.

Crushed pumpkin seeds

Crushed seed: Yogurt or fruit juice can be added to cereals. To crush, just beat the dry seeds in a mixer, blender, or food processor.

In conclusion

Thanks to its composition, it is believed that pumpkin seeds could offer some health benefits. However, it is not advisable to base your diet solely on this food. The ideal is to maintain a balanced diet and when in doubt, consult your doctor before making sudden changes to your diet.

In addition, in the event that a medical condition is being treated, it should be consulted with the doctor or nutritionist before incorporating it into the diet, in case it has any adverse effect.


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