How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Is it time to get back into exercise and to start a new fitness program? Life can throw up challenges and there are times when we are unable to exercise due to injury, illness, being busy, or lack of motivation. Sometimes these are the toughest times as it is quite frustrating not having your body working the way it should. It is important to stay positive when your body isn’t quite at a level you planned. Motivation is the key! Whatever your health goals are, if you are motivated to exercise and eat well then you will reap the benefits.

It’s time to get back into exercise. Ask yourself if are you ready. Ready to commit yourself to exercise; ready to make it a priority; ready to accept that sometimes you won’t feel like it. You might be tired or have other activities that might be more appealing. This is where motivation will help. 

Here are some tips to help you get back on track and stay motivated.

Establish your goals:

Establish Your Goals

When starting an exercise program, it is important to have goals and reasons to exercise. Ask yourself: why am I exercising? Is it to: shed those excess kilograms, control your blood pressure, relieve stress, run further, compete in a race, or do well in a competition? Whatever your exercise ability, goals help you stay on track and you can draw from them for motivation.

Make a plan:

At the beginning of the week, write down your plan for each day. It helps to schedule the times you are going to exercise and what you are going to do. For example, Pilates class and aqua aerobics classes are scheduled in with a plan to walk four days of the week. When planning your exercise program it might be beneficial to discuss with an Exercise Physiologist the right exercise program for your goals, health, and ability.

Keep it interesting:

Keep Exercise Interesting

Exercise doesn’t always have to be a chore. Choosing exercise that you enjoy and is convenient for you will increase your compliance. You may enjoy swimming, surfing, dancing, running, lawn bowls, or Pilates. There are plenty of ways to get your body moving! 

Get up and go:

Get Up And Exercise

When setting an alarm: don’t have it nearby so you can press snooze, place it on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off. Many people dislike getting up to exercise in the morning but feel great after. Exercise can actually improve energy levels and concentration for the rest of the day. 

Exercise with a friend:

Exercise With A Friend

If you commit to exercising with a friend, you’re more likely to turn up. Even if you don’t feel like going, knowing your mate will be waiting for you, you will be more likely to go. Exercising with a friend can also be more enjoyable. Next time, instead of organizing a coffee catch up, take a walk instead (to a coffee shop if you like).

Family and friend support:

family exercising

Tell your family and the people you live with about your exercise plans and goals. That way if you try and get out of it, they will hassle you and encourage you to keep going.

Make positive incentives:

Make Positive Incentives to Exercise

Instead of feeling down about missing a session or not sticking to your plan, make positives incentives like: I ran four times this week, I’m getting myself a new pair of shoes!

Keep track:

Keep track last but not least, keep track of your exercise by filing in a weekly diary. This will enable you to look back over it and see how you improve and how your new motivation tips paid off!


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